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Yukisan Plymouth

Yukisan, Plymouth

I’m a real lover of sushi and I’m always on the lookout for new Japanese restaurants to try. But needless to say, as an East Devon resident there aren’t too many places where I can get my fix… So, when I happened to be spending a couple of days down in Plymouth last month, I thought I better make the most of the opportunity to pop into Yukisan  and see whether or not it lived up to all of its hype… 

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From the outside, Yukisan is incredibly unassuming and you’d be forgiven for walking by without so much as a second glance (I know I did the first time). Located on a busy road near Plymouth’s Barbican, there’s only a small wooden sign to hint at the establishment beyond. However, if you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine  – and of sushi in particular – I would definitely recommend venturing inside. When you do, you’ll discover that Yukisan is in fact quite expansive and the decor is both fun and contemporary.

Yukisan Plymouth
My partner and I started our lunch with the House Sashimi to share. This contained 15 slices of salmon, tuna, sea bass and king prawn sashimi and was presented nicely. For £17, we felt that it was a tad light on the ground (as the pieces were quite small) but the sashimi was of a very good quality and I really enjoyed the side serving of miso soup, which was packed with seaweed, tofu & shiitake mushrooms.

Yukisan Plymouth

Since I had already called dibs on the miso soup, my dining partner decided to opt for a bowl of the Lobster Soup. This had a wonderful rich flavour that was quite lovely, though he only found one tiny piece of actual lobster in it. He also ordered a Salmon & Avocado Hand Roll, which must have been very good because it barely touched the sides!

Yukisan Plymouth

I love vegetarian sushi, so I was keen to try the Tamago (egg) Nigiri and the Tofu Nigiri. I also ordered 4 pieces of the King Prawn Tempura Maki, which came rolled in a light and tasty fish roe. These were all very generously sized (much larger than nigiri i’ve had elsewhere) and well made. I would definitely order all three varieties again and I was not at all disappointed with the quality of the ingredients.

The Verdict

If you love sushi as much as I do, Yukisan makes some of the best you’ll find in Devon. Everything tasted freshly made and the service was incredibly friendly throughout our meal. I recently reviewed Plymouth’s other well-known sushi restaurant Kuku and when comparing them side-by-side I would have to admit that both restaurants are pretty on par when it comes to flavour and quality. Kuku arguably wins on presentation every time, but I’d argue that Yukisan has more variety on offer. But regardless of which restaurant you prefer, I couldn’t help but leave Plymouth with the feeling that Exeter has a lot to learn when it comes to Japanese cuisine…

Where is YOUR favourite place to enjoy sushi in Devon? Let me know in the comments below, because I’d love to check it out! 



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