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Wessex Pantry Game Pie

As expected, The Devon Foodie team returned home from this year’s Powderham Food Festival with our bags stuffed to the brim with foodie produce; from lemon curd to mint chocolate liqueur. But arguably the most memorable of our purchases had to be the Wessex Pantry’s Game Pie..

Sometimes you just fancy a good old fashioned pie together with all the trimmings: mash, gravy, mushy peas or all of the above. But time and again, you find yourself bitterly disappointed by a quality and quantity of the pie filling. But we think we might have found the perfect solution with Wessex Pantry. For starters, they can boast that they only use the very best West Country sourced ingredients (mainly from local farms and trusted suppliers) and they seem to have nailed their portion sizes.

Despite many tempting options, we purchased their Game Pie: a mixture of venison, pheasant, rabbit & pigeon cooked slowly with juniper berries and red wine to give a rich full flavoured gravy. It won a Silver prize at this years British Pie Awards and that was enough to sell us on its quality.

We warmed our pie in the oven for 50 mins as per instructions and what came out was a crisp and golden short crust pastry and a rich meaty filling that actually did fill the pie to the brim. When portioned into four pieces we were pleasantly surprised at the amount of meat there was in each slice: huge pieces of tender venison, pheasant, pigeon and rabbit. While we would normally serve a pie with gravy in this case it wasn’t needed and there wasn’t a crumb left on anyone’s plate, nor was there any unwanted gristle or chewy fat.

I can safely say that we all agreed this was one of the nicest pies we have ever eaten and we will certainly be back for more!

Wessex Pantry Devon Foodie


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