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The Sweet Tooth Gift Guide

Photography by The Devon Foodie

Here at The Devon Foodie we are the first to admit that we have a little bit of a sweet tooth. So when we started to put together our festive gift guides we quickly realised that our favourite sweet treats were going to require a blog post all to themselves…

Everyone knows that Christmas is that one day of the year (or month) when you have the perfect excuse to sit back and indulge in the finer things. So if you – or someone you care about – is a lover of all things sweet then we recommend making a note of these fantastic festive treats. After all, gifts like these are exactly what New Year’s resolutions are for!

Little Pod Vanilla

Little Pod Gift Set

What: A gift set containing several marvellous baking & vanilla-based products.

Who: Little Pod is one of our favourite local foodie businesses. They specialise in high-quality, vanilla, coffee and chocolate extract, as well as real Madagascan vanilla paste.

Why: Little Pod’s outstanding range of vanilla products make wonderful gifts for aspiring bakers and full-fledged Mary Berry’s alike. We adore their pure extracts because they are packed with natural and intense flavour and their vanilla paste really does make baking a breeze. Each product is beautifully packaged and we think that a gift set of these delicious goodies would be a wonderful thing to find under the Christmas tree this year.
Still not convinced? Just imagine the fantastic aromas that will come wafting out of your kitchen when these products are put to use…

Prices: From £6.99- £11.10


Chococo Nutcracker Tube

Photography: Chococo

Chococo Nutcracker & Sugarplum Fairy Tubes

What: The perfect stocking fillers for kids and adults alike (particularly for the chocoholics in your family).

Who: Earlier this year Chococo arrived in Exeter’s trendy Gandi Street. They specialise in handmade, award-winning chocolates and their branding is spot-on.
Why you should gift it: We can’t get over how adorable this Nutcracker & Sugarplum Fairy Gift Set from Chococo is!
Containing a selection of chocolate Santas, snowmen and Christmas trees, these fun tubes are ideal stocking fillers. Made from 43% Venezuelan milk chocolate, these tubes aren’t your ordinary Cadbury’s affair. They’re free from any nasty preservatives and you can also purchase tubes filled with 67% Madagascan dark chocolate or Dominican Republic white chocolate – yum!

Price: £5.95 each


Teoni Cookies Christmas Pudding

Teoni’s Christmas Pudding Dipped Cookies

What: Possibly the crunchiest, most decadent Christmas biscuits we’ve ever tried.

Who: Teoni’s Cookies bake a range of hand-dipped biscuits that you’ll find stocked in farm shops all over Devon.

Why you should gift them: Get ready to experience the flavours of Christmas all wrapped up in a single cookie. Teoni’s Winter Edition Christmas Pudding biscuits go brilliantly with a nice cup of tea and their decadent flavours makes getting into the festive spirt very easy indeed. These chunky biscuits are made with oats, mixed fruit and spice, before being  dipped in a white chocolate flavoured coating and we think they’re ideal for gifting to a fellow foodie.


Roly's Fudge

Roly’s Salted Maple & Pecan Fudge

What: The crumbliest, most buttery fudge known to man.

Who: Roly’s Fudge have shops throughout Devon, from Sidmouth to Salcombe.

Why you should gift it: If you really want to get into a festive mood we recommend paying a visit to your nearest branch of Roly’s Fudge. The sweet aroma of freshly made fudge is too tempting to miss out on and their Salted Maple and Pecan fudge is quite literally divine. The texture of this marvellous fudge is buttery and crumbly in equal measure and we can’t stop nibbling on it. Buy a packet for a loved one this Christmas, but also heed our advice and save one for yourself as well..

Price: £12.95 for a 300g pack

Willies Cacao

Photography: Willies Cacao

Willie’s Cacao Golden Pod

What: A lovely present for the sophisticated chocoholic in your life.

Who: Buy your own Golden Pod from Devon’s answer to Willy Wonka – Willie’s Cacao.

Why you should gift it: Christmas just got a little classier thanks to renowned chocolatiers Willie’s Cacao and these Golden Pod Gift Sets are guaranteed to make their recipient smile. Pop open the beautiful golden pod tin to discover dark chocolate pearls filled with cascades of molten caramel and delicate flakes of sea salt. Made from 71% Venezuela Dark Chocolate, this is one chocolatey treat that we known we’ll be putting on our wish list..

Price: £12.99


pinnacle icing

Pinnacle Icing Festive Biscuits

What: Sweet hand-iced biscuits that made beautiful tree decorations.

Who: Husband and wife team Pinnacle Icing.

Why you should gift them: These sweet little biscuits are almost too pretty to eat – so it’s just as well that they also double-up as edible Christmas tree decorations! Jenny lovingly produces these iced biscuits by hand from her home in Tipton and has created a range of festive shapes to gift to your family and friends. From Christmas Puddings, to White Doves and Snowmen, you don’t get much cuter than these yummy little decorations.

Price: £3 each


blueberry bros

Photography: Blueberry Bros

Blueberry Truffles & Marzipan Blueberries

What: Unique blueberry confectionaries that are packed with fruity flavour.

Who: These tasty treats are created by Devon’s Blueberry Brother’s Nick and Toby Hewison. The very same people behind Heavens Gate Cider and Blue Yonder Blueberry Beer.

Why you should gift them: Fans of the Blueberry Brother’s exciting blueberry products will love their confectionary range. The delicate flavour of these truffles make them really special and they’re perfect for sharing because each punnet comes with three different types of chocolates (dark, white and milk). Meanwhile the Blueberry Bro’s Marzipan Blueberries combine the unique taste of marzipan with the delicate flavours of blueberry, creating a truly indulgent treat.



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