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Meet the Maker: The Cowlick Creamery

Summer might be feel a long way away right now, but that hasn’t stopped us from craving a little bit of ice cream..

Especially when it comes to the sort of tempting flavours created by The Cowlick Creamery.

We met Carly and Rory at this year’s source trade show and were immediately drawn to the sheer energy and enthusiasm that they have for what they do. Using only the finest ingredients, they lovingly create delicious ice-creams and sorbets by hand; in flavours both traditional and the somewhat quirky. So, we caught up with the two ice cream lovers to find out more about their cool endeavours..

cowlick creamery

Who is behind The Cowlick Creamery and when did you decide to turn your passion for ice-cream into a career?

We are husband and wife team Rory and Carly Fallon. I (Carly) had been making ice cream as a hobby from home for five years before finally taking the plunge and turning something I loved into a business.

Be honest, what’s your favourite flavour of ice-cream or sorbet? 

Carly: Ah gosh, this is such a tricky one as I really think it depends on your mood. Peanut butter choc chip has to be up there but on a hot summer’s day, I might go for a prosecco and elderflower – it’s so indulgent and refreshing.

Rory: I just can’t choose one- I love them all…well OK the chocolate sorbet is a worldy.

cowlick creamery

Could you briefly describe the process that goes into creating a new ice-cream?

The majority of our customers are restaurants and so we make brand new flavours each and every week. It’s a challenge to make sure that we really deliver on flavour and quality as the chefs rely on us- almost as an extension of their own team.

Our flavours are always changing as we try to bring some seasonality into the mix. Right now, we’ve got lots of chefs using rhubarb in their dishes, so we’ve come up with a crumble and a beautiful sorbet to deliver on that front.

Is there a flavour combination that has really surprised you?

We do quite a few flavours that incorporate the savoury-sweet elements, so perhaps one of those. Our pear and pecorino cheese was a cracker. You get the sweetness of the poached pears, the creamy vanilla base, followed by the slight saltiness of the cheese. Perfect with a glass of port…or maybe a scoop of our red wine sorbet!

cowlick creamery

Have you ever tried to develop a flavour that didn’t quite work out?

Some of our alcohol infused flavours took a while to get right, as the chemistry behind it can be tricky to suss out. Anyone who’s made vodka jelly will tell you that sometimes, alcohol just doesn’t want to freeze. Great excuse to keep practicing until you get it right though!

What is the biggest event you’ve ever catered for?

Pirate weekend on the Barbican last summer was intense but we also specialise in weddings, and some of the numbers can be pushing 250 hungry people, twice a day on some occasions.

cowlick creamery

Have you ever had any unusual requests for a wedding/event?

The couples who book us for their wedding know that they can create any flavour that they like as part of their package, so the beauty of it is that they can personalise it to their hearts content. We’ve done everything from white Russians to whiskey and elderflower and a deconstructed Turkish delight. We do love a challenge!

If our readers are interested in buying or stocking your ice-creams, where can they get their hands on some?

We currently supply our ice creams to many of the regions best-loved restaurants and we are always happy to speak to new customers. We can also hand-make flavours for members of the public – they would just need to give us a call and place an order, then they can collect from our unit in Estover.

cowlick creamery


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