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South Devon Chilli Farm: Product Roundup

South Devon Chilli Farm

A couple of weeks ago I was on my way down to Salcombe for the day when I passed a sign for the South Devon Chilli Farm. Having heard a lot about this local enterprise from my chilli loving friends, I was keen to stop by and pick up a new hot sauce for the pantry.

As the farm is somewhat off the beaten track you’d be forgiven for driving right by it if you weren’t paying too much attention to the side of the road. However, if you do get the chance to stop by then you’re in for a treat. As well as a well-stocked gift shop and cafe, the farm contains a number of large polytunnels where the staff grow their famous chillies. It was a sunny day when I visited the farm and the polytunnels were particularly toasty, so I spent a while perusing the many different varieties of chilli on display and listening to a member of staff explain the process that goes into successfully growing them.
The farm’s cafe serves a number of chilli inspired dishes including Mexican burritos and (you guessed it) chilli con carne, and while I didn’t have the time to stay for lunch, I did sample one of their luxury chilli hot chocolates which was delicious. 

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Despite the fleeting nature of my visit, I didn’t go home empty handed. On the contrary, I couldn’t resist stocking up on some hot sauces and chilli products.
Here’s what I thought:

South Devon Chilli Farm

Jalapeno Hot Sauce

As a rule I like my chilli sauce to be hot but not unbearable. While I was happy to purchase the infamous Carolina Reaper sauce as a gift for my brother, I wasn’t about to risk burning my mouth off in the pursuit of a good condiment. However, the chilli farm’s Jalapeno hot sauce sits at just the right spot on the Scoville rating for my liking. For fear of sounding like Goldilocks, it’s just hot enough to please my inner chilli lover yet not too spicy to overpower my dinner.
What’s really special about this sauce is that as well as providing a spicy kick to food it also showcases the great flavours of the jalapeno peppers themselves. There’s a lovely fruitiness to the product that needs to be tried to be believed and I think that says a lot about the providence of the ingredients.

Thai Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce

There’s no real heat to this dipping sauce but it does have a lovely flavour to it that perfectly compliments chicken dishes and homemade pork gyoza.
If you like to emphasise the sweet part of ‘sweet chilli’ then you’ll most likely enjoy this. However, I personally prefer my sauces to have a little more heat in them than this. Given that I bought it at a chilli farm I did expect the peppers in it to be more noticeable.  I appreciate that sweet chilli is often very mild and has a different flavour to hot sauces but I think this particular product is playing it a little too safe on the Scoville scale.

Apple and Chilli Jam

I’m not quite sure where to begin with this particular product. Firstly, this was not a ‘jam’. It’s far too runny to spread on toast and in terms of viscosity it doesn’t hold it’s own on a plate. The consistency is apt to dissolve at the slightest rise in temperate and it quickly melts into a sticky pool.
I had hoped that leaving the jar in the fridge would resolve this problem, but unfortunately this doesn’t seem to have made a difference.
However, once you excuse its consistency this is a very tasty condiment indeed. It’s a great way to add a fruity and spicy dimension to food. The spiciness of this jam and the sweetness of the apples is balanced just right, meaning that the chilli aspect it definitely present but not too overpowering. As the jar recommends, I tried it with both sausages and with cheese on toast and on both accounts I was a very satisfied customer.

Chilli Milk Chocolate

As an all round chocolate lover I just had to try this. Especially because chilli milk chocolate is hard to come by.

At £3.99 a pack it’s not the cheapest chocolate in the world but boy is it worth every penny. For starters, the chocolate itself is so smooth that it gives galaxy a run for it’s money, and once you add fiery chilli into the equation you have a very addictive product on your hands. I couldn’t stop nibbling away at this stuff and I’m already considering ordering some more from their online shop. The farm offers a wide range of chilli chocolates, including mint, orange, and ‘extreme’ varieties, as well as drinking chocolate.

South Devon Chilli Farm

Reaper Chilli Sauce

Okay, so I lied about not giving this sauce a try. At first I had no intention of using it. I’ve seen enough Youtube videos to know that this particular variety of chilli is not for the faint hearted. However, I was eventually suckered into giving it a go and I have to say that it’s not as bad as I initially thought it would be.
It certainly packs a punch but it doesn’t leave you running for a glass of water. I’d probably liken it to the hottest sauce they stock in Nandos. Once again, it showcases the actual taste of the chillies rather than just providing a blow-your-head-off level of spice. Considering all of the chillies used for these sauces are homegrown this makes me question just what exactly goes into the hot sauces you can buy off supermarket shelves.
I wouldn’t recommend dousing your food in this but I think that it’s a great product for people who would like to take their hot sauce to the next level without the fear of incapacitating themselves for the rest of the meal!



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