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Six Healthy Eating Tips from Chris Tanner

Without a shadow of a doubt, 2016 was a year of clean eating trends and dieting fads. Gluten- free options edged their way closer to the front of supermarket aisles and snaps of tasty vegan dishes spread like wildfire across Pinterest and Instagram. But 2017  is already shaping up to be another year of ‘clean eating’ and restaurants everywhere are having to adapt to diner demands. But while restaurant dishes and pretty Instagram shots are all well and good, we want to know how ordinary people can make healthy changes to their own diets and embrace this growing trend…

 In this article, Chris Tanner offers his six best pieces of advice for joining the clean eating bandwagon without missing out on your favourite foods or blowing your budget:

Everything in moderation!
Just because you have decided to get healthy this year, it doesn’t mean that you should be denied all your favourite foods. Enjoy everything in moderation and have a couple days a week where you can dine out or indulge, whether it’s a mouth-watering burger, or a hearty plate of pasta – just remember not to go overboard and control your portion sizes.

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Make small changes:
Sometimes it’s the small things that make a big difference. This could include things like fitting exercise into your day by walking to work, or switching certain foods for lighter alternatives. Set yourself small challenges, such as drinking two litres of water daily (we often mistake thirst for hunger!), walking a mile, getting 8 hours of sleep – it all can have a big impact on not only your health, but also your general wellbeing and state of mind.

Cook from scratch:
Cooking more of your own meals from scratch puts you in control over what is on your plate, making it easier to avoid processed foods. It doesn’t need to be Michelin Star level (it could even be as simple as making a BLT sandwich!), but use it as an opportunity to experiment with different ingredients, recipes and dishes – you may discover that you have a hidden passion for cooking in the process!

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Make healthy alternatives of your favourite foods:
These are guaranteed make you feel better, and may even taste better. Freezing dishes will also ensure that you have a healthy supply of meals ready for when time is short, and even your wallet will thank you when you decide to forgo the work canteen in favour of a home cooked delicacy.

Make some easy swaps such as, vegetable oil instead of butter, lean cuts over fatty meats, sweet treats for fruit, or even swap the TV for the table! You shouldn’t think of it as a ‘diet’ it’s more about changing and adapting your lifestyle for the better.

Understand what you are eating:
It’s important to understand what is on your plate, as well as what types of foods have a direct impact on your health and wellbeing. A good diet can mean getting a better night’s sleep and having more energy!  Reading food labels is a good indicator of what is exactly in your food, as well as spotting any hidden ingredients – sometimes even the lighter options can contain an alarmingly high amount of sugar.

Another easy place to start is by eliminating the wrong types of food from your diet, including those with a high saturated fat and sugar content.

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Don’t do it alone:
It’s not fun doing things on your own, and by getting your family and friends involved you can share the journey and encourage healthier living to those around you. Get your children involved in meal times by acting as your sous chefs – it is never too early to learn how to cook! Or make a pact with a friend to incorporate exercise in your routine, it can be as simple as planning a weekly walk. Whatever you do, having someone to help motivate and inspire you will go a long way in achieving your goals.

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