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Rockfish Introduces Seasonal Mussels Menu

The brand new Rockfish Mussels Menu has been unveiled and there’s something for everyone on it..

Earlier this week we were invited along to Exmouth’s Rockfish Restaurant to try their new seasonal mussels menu and give our thoughts on the three unique mussel dishes that diners will be able to look forward to this season.

When Are Mussels in Season? 

It may surprise you to learn that mussels aren’t actually seasonal year-round. So, while you may be able to pop into your local Tesco and pick up a ready-to-go pack of moules mariniere – if you want to eat these beauties when they’re at their best you’ll want to pop into Rockfish between March & December. Indeed, many believe that we should only be eating shellfish during months containing the letter “R”. Scientifically speaking, there are a couple of reasons why it’s best to save your mussel eating until the colder months. Firstly, shellfish usually spawn during the summer months and they need this period of rest in order to repopulate. Secondly, if you like your mussels plump, then you’re unlikely to get decent sized mussels in summer. If the harvest is timed wrong, then spawning mussels will shed about one half of their meat weight.

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What’s Unique About Rockfish Mussels?

Kirk and the Rockfish team devised over 75 different flavour combinations for the Rockfish Mussels Menu, but only the three best recipes came out on top. There’s the classic Moules Mariniere, fiery Thai Green Curry Mussels & an homage to the West Country with Sea Cider & Thyme Mussels. Each dish is priced at £13.95 and is piled high with mussels from nearby Exmouth Mussels. You also get to enjoy fresh slices of sourdough bread from The Almond Thief – trust us, it’s delicious – chips and aioli. All three of the sauces are pescatarian and none of them contain cream (just in case you’re watching your waistline in the new year).

For more information about the new Mussels Menu, check out the Rockfish website:


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