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Pig and Pallet, Topsham

Guest Post by Tom Heathfield

Topsham’s Pig & Pallet has been making waves in the local foodie scene for quite some time, and after we paid them a lunchtime  we’re starting to see why. With its rustic wooden furnishings, plaid-wearing staff and in-house cured meats, we certainly had no complaints about our meat laden plates and the fantastic range of local beer on offer.. 

Pig and Pallet Topsham

Where is Pig & Pallet?
The Pig & Pallet is located by Topsham quayside at 10, Topsham Quay, Topsham, Exeter EX3 0JB, UK.

When did we visit?
We arrived at The Pig & Pallet on a Thursday lunchtime and were surprised to find that we weren’t the only ones inside. According to the staff, the restaurant has a tendency to get full fast, and on weekends and Friday nights booking is essential. 

Pig and Pallet TopshamWhat did we order?
It was apparent from the offset that The Pig & Pallet is dedicated to supporting Devon produce and this commitment is pretty admirable. As well as creating their own cured and smoked meats onsite (see above) the majority of the bar’s ciders and beers are also locally sourced.
Pig and Pallet Topsham
As our starter, we opted to share some kimchi, a traditional Korean dish of seasoned and fermented vegetables. This was a little unusual to see on the menu at a British barbecue house, so we knew we had to give it a try. As we ate our kimchi, it fast became clear to us that The Pig & Pallet are just as skilled at seasoning their vegetarian dishes as they are their meaty ones. The kimchi wasn’t too spicy, but it had a nice kick to it and a zesty quality hat was very nice indeed.

Pig and Pallet Topsham

For our mains, my dining partner opted for the PLT – homemade pastrami, lettuce and tomato all wrapped up in a bun and served with skinny fries. I can only assume that she enjoyed her meal immensely, as by the time she had finished there was pretty much nothing leftover. She also noted that ‘anyone that likes meat dishes will love this sandwich.’

Pig and Pallet TopshamMeanwhile, I went for the Pulled Pork bap with skinny fries. I found my meal absolutely delicious. The meat was tender and barbecued to perfection. The skinny fries were also top quality, which is surprisingly rare to find. I would recommend anyone looking for a hearty and tasty meal to pursue this dish; it set me up perfectly for the long cycle home!

Pig and Pallet Topsham

We also chose to try a Ferryman’s Ale – fresh from The Exeter Brewery – and a Hunt’s Devon Sparkling Cider. Both proved to be an excellent accompaniment to our meals and we loved The Pig & Pallet’s decision to sell locally sourced beverages.

Pig and Pallet Topsham

Atmosphere / Interior
The Pig & Pallet is rustic and relaxed. Much of the seating is canteen style – with long, communal wooden benches – and wooden planks are used to great effect throughout the establishment. The whole place had something of an American vibe to it, which is not unsurprising given the places penchant for smoked and barbecued meats.

Pig and Pallet Topsham

Overall Thoughts
We would recommend The Pig & Pallet to anyone looking for a high quality eating experience in Topsham. The staff were polite, informative, and attentive, the food was delicious, and the venue very likeable. It is truly a location where you can eat and drink and know that what you are consuming comes from the right places. I’ll definitely be returning the next time I’m in Topsham!

Pig & Pallet Topsham


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