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Le Petit Ballon – Age of Raisin Box Review

Frequent visitors to this website will no doubt know that I’ve been collaborating with French wine subscription service, Le Petit Ballon, for the past couple of years. I’ve made a number of videos of me unboxing their wines and giving my thoughts on various bottles of reds, whites and rosé . If you fancy a bit of a laugh (at my expense) feel free to check them out!

This month, Le Petit Ballon kindly sent me their festive box and were keen to see if I could put all my recently gained wine knowledge to the test…

So, what is Petit Ballon?

If you’re a wine lover and you haven’t yet heard of Le Petit Ballon, you’re in luck! It’s a wine subscription service that offers 2 premium wines each month, alongside expert tasting notes and wine-related editorial features. You can read more about Petit Ballon and reasons why you should subscribe over on their website.

le petit ballonCan I taste the difference between their Standard & Premium offerings?

When you sign up to Petit Ballon, you get to chose between two different monthly subscriptions: Grape Expectations (£29.89/month) and Age of Rasin (£44.89/month).  In theory, Grape Expectation boxes contain ‘new discoverers of the world of wine’ and are designed for people who want to improve their wine tasting skills (like me). Meanwhile, the Age of Rasin box is filled with bottles for those with a slightly more ‘evolved palate’. These contain complex and prestigious wines.

This month, Le Petit Ballon sent me both boxes and asked me to blind taste test them and see if I could tell which were the premium wines from taste alone…

 The Results?

In all honesty, we could definitely taste the difference between the two different types of subscription box. While I always enjoy the wines in Grape Expectations, I really can’t deny that the two bottles we received in the Age of Rasin box were excellent. They were a completely different level to the other two bottles and definitely worth the extra expense. That being said, if you’re just a casual wine lover – such as myself – you can’t go far wrong with their standard offerings and I doubt you’ll be disappointed by their more affordable bottles!

If you’re curious about any of the wines we tried this month, you can buy each one individually over on their website: www.lepetitballon.co.uk

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