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Mr & Mrs B’s Buzzin Hot Sauce

I first came across Mr& Mrs B’s Seriously Buzzin Hot Sauces when we visited The Source Trade Show in Exeter earlier this year. You couldn’t miss their eye-catching stand – mostly due to the fact that Mr B was dressed as a knight, but also because of the colourful range of hot sauces on offer. I loved their witty and youthful approach to branding – with quirky character illustrations and humorous names – and I couldn’t resist stopping by to try the sauces for myself.

Our Thoughts

Personally, I love a bit of chili in my food. I’m no stranger to spicy food and I like to think that I can handle my jalapenos. However, I’m the first to admit that I don’t do HOT.  So, finding myself confronted with three jars of Mr & Mrs B’s hot sauces, it seems that a new challenge had been set!

Naturally, I started with the ‘mildest sauce’ – the misleadingly named ‘Cheeky Chick‘. You’re probably imaging a fairly mild table sauce with a little bit of a chili hit. Well, no. Already this was a hot sauce. For me, it was just the right amount of heat for a table sauce – hot, but bearable. Don’t be fooled – this is not a mild sauce and Mr and Mrs B certainly don’t hold back! That being said, I love the fact that the sauce still has a ton of flavour, which is quite rare for genuine hot sauces.

Up next was Hardcore Hen. Perhaps I was on a capsaicin high, but for some reason I thought it would be reasonable to pop half a teaspoon of this fiery stuff straight in my mouth… I wish I hadn’t. Much to the amusement of the rest of the family, This sauce is no joke. It’s HOT. Again, extremely flavourful and really good in small amounts, but boy do these sauces deliver on heat!

As for the ‘Courageous Cock’ – I’m afraid that little bottle is still sat in the cupboard until I find a willing victim (or a diehard chili head) to give it a taste.

Cooking Sauces

I was keen try making the coconut prawn curry recipe on Mr and Mrs B’s website (which to my relief required the Cheeky Chick sauce) so I was excited to receive a bottle of their cooking sauce in the post. The recipe was quick and easy to follow and it made a really delicious curry. I could be wrong, but i’m pretty sure that the cooking sauces pack slightly less of a punch than their table sauce cousins. The finished curry was not overpowering and was actually one of the most delicious recipes I’ve followed in a while!

Click here if you’d like to learn how to make your own.

cheeky chick coconut curry

Our Cheeky Chick Coconut Curry

Think you’re a hot sauce connoisseur? I dare you to give these sauces a try and let us know your thoughts below!


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