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Little Bowhay Devon Foodie

Little Bowhay Lemon Curd

Review by Collette

If you’re a fan of lemon meringue then you will love this lemon curd. Made in small batches by Martin and Jane using local and ethically soured ingredients i’ve been using this zesty curd on every slice of my morning toast since Powderham Food Festival!

This curd contains super fine shreds of lemon mixed together with a perfect balance of sugar and lemon citrus ending with a sweet meringue flavour that coats your tongue. It’s lovely eaten with toast or homemade scones or as a treat try a dollop between two small meringues with clotted cream…

It’s a shame that Little Bowhay Devon Orchard Ltd aren’t as well known as they deserve to be – especially when they make so many delicious varieties of preserves. I recommend giving their Facebook page a look and trying out this curd for yourself.

Little Bowhay Devon Foodie

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