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Interview: JK’s Bistro, Honiton

The market town of Honiton, East Devon, boasts its fair share of great eating establishments and by and large is doing a good job of fending off larger chain stores (with the notable exceptions of Coffee No.1 and JD Wetherspoons). Having arrived on the local foodie scene just over a year ago, JK’s Bistro is no exception to this rule and has fast become a strong competitor for the best breakfast in town. The bistro offers everything from a slice of cake and a cup of tea to a full blown evening menu packed with European dishes, and the occasional Mediterranean twist.
We caught up with owners Jaime and Kelly to find out more about their restaurant…

JKs Bistro Honiton Devon Foodie

Whats the story behind JK’s Bistro?
We have worked together on and off for about 8 years now and have always joked about one day having our own restaurant.
Almost two years ago now (wow how time flies) a perfect little deli came up for sale, and with a fair bit of work we turned it into our little Bistro.
We toyed with a few names and finally thought that JK’s was the ideal name to have above our door. We still can’t quite believe we have been trading for over a year now, and we are looking forward to our second Christmas at JK’s.
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Why did you choose to set up your business in Honiton?
We had our eyes and ears open to finding somewhere local as it was important for us to live close to work. We knew what sort of market we wanted and Honiton provided this for us. We were aware that there was already a few cafes and restaurants in Honiton, but we hoped to bring something new, fresh and a little different to the town.
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JKs Bistro Honiton Devon Foodie
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Do you source your ingredients locally? if so, where do you like to buy your produce from?
A lot of our produce is sourced locally; from our free range eggs, that come from a farm up the road on the outskirts of Honiton, to our meat that comes from a local farm in Copplestone, Crediton.
All of our bread is from a local bakery just around the corner (we get a lot of compliments on our bread!)
We get our fish from a supplier in Ivybridge and sometimes we pop into the fishmonger next door to see what they’re selling on their fish counter for our specials board.
We try our upmost to use local suppliers to produce fresh, yummy dishes.
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How often do you change your menus
We change our menu along with the seasons to ensure that all of our produce is used when it is at its best. We also have special menus throughout the year, such as a Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentines and Mothering Sunday menus.
We try to give our customers variation in each menu and we are also very aware of making sure we consider dietary and allergy requirements.
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JKs Bistro Honiton Devon Foodie

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Whats our favourite thing about your job? And what’s your least favourite?
We would have to say that our favourite thing about our job is the satisfaction you get when somebody walks away feeling full, satisfied and happy. It’s also really nice to know that we have gained a fair few regular customers within our first year of trading.
The least favourite thing – if we are brutally honest – is all the paperwork that comes with it!
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If you had to sum up JK’s philosophy in one sentence. What would it be?
Good value, well made, tasty fresh food served with care and love.
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JKs Bistro Honiton Devon Foodie

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Janey 2nd June 2019 - 8:11 pm

What became of Trudy and Peirre … the previous owners?


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