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Bloomberry Juice

Interview: Bloomberry Juice

If there’s one healthy fad that I’m happy to be getting on board with it’s juicing. After impulse buying a juicer from the shopping channels a few years back, I still remember the fun involved in trying out every possible flavour combination. While there were certainly mixed results (note to self: banana + lemon = bad) I did enjoy the sense of smugness that could be gained from the knowledge that my fruity concoctions were both nutritious and tasty…

But one company that’s actually taking juicing to exciting places is Devon’s own Bloomberry Juice Company. Their handmade beverages take the art of juicing to a whole new level and they offer an exciting range of flavour infusions that combine fruity and floral notes. Varieties include ‘Apple, Blueberry & Lavender’, ‘Orange, Honey & Elderflower’ and ‘Pomegranate & Hibiscus’; so if you haven’t tried a glass yet, what are you waiting for?

We caught up with founders Chris and Sarah Jones to find out more about the business…

How did The Bloomberry Juice Company get started?

It all started when our daughter asked us if we could set up a stall selling juice at the Bloomsbury Festival she was organising. We drove down from Cumbria to London and had a brilliant weekend, so much so that we thought we could do it again. Hence the start of the BloomBerry Juice Company.

Where are you based and how big is your team?
We relocated from Cumbria to Devon where we have a small orchard in the quiet village of Clyst Hydon. With generations of family members farming in the village it was the perfect place to be. Chris and I run the business with occasional help from the rest of the family and some very good friends. Needless to say we work long hours!

Bloomberry Juice

Cloudy Lime Juice

Juices certainly seem to be having a moment right now. Why do you think they are so popular?

Alcohol consumption has reached its peak and so many people are being told to drink less, which is why we are trying to produce something a bit more interesting than just juice. Also people are more health conscious and steering away from added sugars, preferring more natural products.

What makes your juices stand out from the crowd?
Our juices are a little strange… we like to have a good aroma, taste and aftertaste, but always with ‘a hint of’ that isn’t always recognizable – lavender being a good example.

Bloomberry Juice

Where do you start when developing your flavours?

We ask our customers at Farmers’markets and food events. We both have a technical background and sensory evaluation is a key factor when it comes to our drinks.

What’s the most unusual flavour combination that you’ve ever tried?
We were looking at juices with a hint of tea – and the rooibosh variety was interesting but all our family hated it!! However, the ‘Cloud Lime’ with a hint of Matcha green Tea was a hit with everyone and is now our best seller.

Bloomberry Juice

Husband and Wife Team Chris & Sarah Jones

What’s your favourite part of your job?

Working with my husband! Seriously, in his previous job he travelled the world as technical manager for a large drinks company. Now we can travel in Devon, Cornwall, London together.

What can we expect from Bloomberry in the future?

We are always blending different varieties of juices and twists. We are trying to steer into more local ingredients, hence the Rhuberry variety. So when we can grow it, we’ll make it!


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