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Reviewed by Guest Writer Thomas Heathfield

I recently had the good fortune to celebrate the week’s end with some delicious cocktails at Exeter’s Cosy Club, followed by a meal out at the HUBBOX.

I want to preface this review by stating that our experience at HUBBOX was good, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a tasty meal in a relaxed venue.

After much deliberation over a truly appetizing menu (which you can find here) my dining partner and I each selected one of the vegetarian options from the long list of tempting choices. I went for the ‘Betsy’, which is a burger containing amazing homemade falafel, sweet chilli jam, charred corn, and avocado salsa. To say it was great is no exaggeration. I ordered this with a side of hand-cut fries. Being an Englishman, I am well versed in chip quality, and these were particularly good ones. My dining partner remarked that it was the best she’d seen me eat in years. Meanwhile, she chose the drolly titled ‘I Am Vegan’, which is a meal comprised of spicy sweetcorn, beetroot, and chickpea fritters, served in lettuce cups with charred pineapple salsa. Disappointingly, she found her choice distinctly average. I also sampled some, and I must say that I agreed. It was okay though, because she also had a side of those lovely hand-cut fries. We each went for a coke, as the alcoholic drinks were generally a little pricey, for example pints cost just under £5. If you find the mean of great and average, you come out with at least a very good score, so my opinion of the food overall is definitely positive.

Hubbox Exeter

Credit: HUBBOX Exeter

The service at HUBBOX was to a high standard. The staff were very polite and accommodating, and were charitably patient towards us, as our food selection took far longer than it should have. The location of the HUBBOX has its positives and negatives. The main negative is that it’s located on Sidwell Street, and thus plagued with buses, taxis, and other traffic passing nearby. Sidwell Street is also very grey. This is no fault of the venue itself though. The interior of HUBBOX, however, is great. Although we chose to eat outside on that pleasant Friday evening, when I ate inside HUBBOX a year or so ago, I was impressed by the building’s quality. It has a creative, contemporary design, giving off a relaxed, modern vibe. On their website, HUBBOX describe the architecture of their Exeter venue as a ‘specially created and fully customised shipping container housed in the heart of a transformed city centre building’.

Hubbox Exeter

I was very happy with what I got for the £10 I spent. From our experience, I can say that the HUBBOX serves food of an overall high quality, and I have also heard from a reliable source that the milkshakes at the HUBBOX are to die for. Ultimately, if you are looking for a decent, casual meal in the heart of the city of Exeter, definitely give the HUBBOX a try. Most likely you will leave with a full belly and no regrets.

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