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Hoogly Teas

We first came across Hoogly Tea earlier this year, while perusing stalls at The Source Trade Show in Exeter.
We loved the sound of their unique flavours and were drawn to the colorful hues of their teapot. In the past, neither of us have been huge fruit tea drinkers – preferring to stick with our favoured English Breakfast or Assam. However, the sight and smell of these teas were enough to make us want to give them a whirl.

A little background

Hoogly Tea is the brainchild of Danish tea enthusiast Tina Gloggengiester, who created these unusual blends as a way of bringing a taste of her homeland to the UK. It all stems from a lovely Danish word that we definitely need to introduce to the English: Hygge. Pronounced ‘hue-guh’, the word is typically used to acknowledge a feeling or  a moment – whether alone or in company – which promotes relaxation and wellbeing. It was a key influence in Tina’s brand, which brings together many luxurious and relaxing flavours in the form of warming teas..

Hoogly Tea Devon Foodie

Rhubarb & Vanilla

This was our favourite of all the Hoogly teas: it’s a delicate green tea that is a fusion of ingredients which include hibiscus, rhubarb, sunflower petals and calendula petals. The aroma of these teabags will send your taste buds dancing in expectation – because it really does smell like those old fashioned rhubarb and custard sweets – while the colour is a vivid punch-pink that’s just gorgeous. We chose to drink it warm but it does also make a lovely drink if served cold on ice. Trust us – this is one nice tea.

Sparkling White

 This blend of Chinese white tea and fruit pieces makes for a refreshing and delicate cup. Notes of orange blossom, apple and elderflower are all present and you’re left with a sense of fizz on the tongue. This is definitely a drink for the more refined tastes.

Chocolate Brownie

This tea really smells of chocolate and it has a pleasing chocolaty taste. We’re not really huge fans of chocolate tea, but we did both enjoy drinking it with a dash of milk. It’s definitely more indulgent than a standard cuppa and we think chocoholics ought to give it a try.

Apple Strudel

This tea has a wonderful fragrance of apple pie and cinnamon and despite the time of year, it really appeals to our love of all things festive. Not only is it fruity, but the cinnamon notes make it warm and comforting too – definitely a Hygge cup!

Hoogly Tea Devon Foodie

Would we recommend Hoogly Teas?

Yes! These teas have such lovely and unique flavours that really drink as they read. The tea is best left to steep, as per instructed and the green teas could all easily be drank as refreshing summer drinks too. At £5 for a box of 15, they aren’t the cheapest brand of tea, but each bag does go a long way, and could easily make up to three or four cups without any loss of flavour. If – like us – you’re a big tea drinker, you’ll want to give these a try.

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