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Henny and Joe's Chai Syrup

Henny and Joe’s Chai Syrup

From steaming mugs of tea, to indulgent lattes – I’ve always been a big fan of Chai.  So when I got a little package from Henny & Joes last month, I couldn’t wait to give their award-winning Masala Chai a try!

Who are Henny & Joe’s

Henny & Joes use traditional methods of decoction to make chai syrups from their base in beautiful Bath. Their Masala Chai is made using 100% natural ingredient and according to their website, it can be used to make drinks or it can be incorporated into baking for something a little bit special.

Henny and Joe's Chai

My Thoughts

I love Henny & Joes packaging and I had a lot of fun doing a little photoshoot with the bottle they sent me. Not only is it contemporary and simple, but it really makes me want to give the syrup a try and it’s the sort of bottle i’m not bothered about having on display in my kitchen.

In terms of taste, I’ve tried a few similar products and this is definitely one of the best on the market. The taste is rather subtle in comparison to its competitors, but it still manages to deliver a lot of flavour and I was able to pick up on the flavour of individual spices, as well as notes of vanilla and nutmeg.

If you want a more delicate, natural flavoured chai – give Henny & Joes a go.

Chai Latte Recipe

Making my own cup of milky latte is definitely my favourite way to enjoy Henny & Joes chai.

So I cracked out my camera and put together a short video to show you how easy it is to make this luxurious drink at home.  All you need is a mug, a little milk, some Henny & Joes and a saucepan. Simple!



Marion Greenwood 3rd February 2018 - 1:10 pm

How many calories in 2 tablespoons of Chai Masala Infusion?

The Devon Foodie 4th February 2018 - 10:44 am

I’m not sure, sorry. You could try asking Henny & Joes: https://hennyandjoes.co.uk/


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