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Happy Butter Ghee

We first met Kate and Rupert at The Source Trade Show earlier this year. The husband and wife team were brimming with enthusiasm and chatted passionately about their micro-business “Happy Butter Ghee’’.

Ghee is a type of clarified butter that originates from India and is commonly used in South Asian, Iranian and Arabic cuisines.  Kate and Rupert make theirs the traditional way – by hand over an open fire, using grass-fed cultured milk from right here in the South West.

We just had to give their product a go and we can safely say that their Organic Golden Ghee (made with Turmeric) was a real hit with all the family. Happy Butter Ghee it a healthier alternative to ordinary butters and we definitely think it’s going to become a regular addition to our larder.

We caught up with Kate and Rupert to find out more about this wonderful little business…

Happy Butter Ghee

When was the lightbulb moment when you decided to start producing your own ghee?

Rupert, having connections with India as a child, has made ghee at home for years. We cook from scratch 99% of the time and cooking with the ghee makes our food taste amazing and feels good in your stomach. Now, with more studies revealing the benefits of cooking with a healthy saturated fat, we thought we should share the love!

How big is your team and where are you based?

The team is just us (Kate and Rupert) and we are based in rural South Devon, not far from Totnes. We get help from our families now and then, as well as our amazing friend Matt at Studio Auto, who does all our design work.

How easy has the process of establishing your business been?

Building the business has been a really lovely experience. Until now, we hadn’t really thought about its future as such, we’ve just taken it step by step. Its a product that we both love through and through, so pushing it to the stage we’re at now wasn’t that hard. We’ve had positive feedback about our branding from the very beginning and although it’s a slightly niche product, everyone who’s tried it has enjoyed it. It feels like things are picking up momentum now, which is really exciting as we only started selling in October last year!

Happy Butter Ghee

How do you normally use ghee in cooking?

You can use it juts as you use oil – for frying, roasting or baking. It can be used to make everything from scrambled or fried eggs to roast your potatoes or friend onions. Since it has a high smoke point, it’s safe to use even at a fairly high temperature.

Does ghee have any uses outside of cooking?

Ghee is not just a cooking fat. Our organic grass fed ghee has some really amazing health benefits too. It has a great omega 6:3 ratio and it also typically has the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K in good supply. Ghee is a good source of both short and medium chain fatty acids, including Butyrate, which is good for gut function.
We regularly make golden milk with our turmeric ghee (which is a real fire starter in the morning) and we have also discovered it makes a great lip balm too…

Happy Butter Ghee

How long can you typically keep ghee in your larder?

Before it is opened, Ghee has a really long shelf life. We have 2 years on ours, but it’s likely to be a lot more than that. Once opened, we recommend you keep it for around 4 weeks, but if you don’t introduce any bacteria into it then it will last for ages.

Where do you see the future of Happy Butter Ghee?

We want to be able to make ghee for whoever wants to buy it. The sky is the limit!
We believe we can upscale easily whilst maintaining the quality of small batch cooking.
Ghee is really massive in the US right now and hopefully it will catch on here too. Good ideas always do!

Want to find out more about Happy Butter Ghee?

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Lorraine Babb 13th July 2019 - 8:28 pm

On Keto diet and Ghee is a main ingredient for cooking, I visit Brixham on a regular basis so could call in, depending on price would be good to be able to buy rather than making myself,


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