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Interview: Fravocado Ice Cream

It’s British summertime again and that means that ice cream is officially back on the menu. But just when you think you’ve tried every flavour under the sun, wait until you hear about the latest, exciting foodie invention to hit our shelves.

Fravocado is a brand new range of luxurious ice creams that are packed full of flavour and are free from dairy, gluten and refined sugar. Yes, you read that correctly, this ice cream is so nutritious practically a health food!

We caught up with the husband and wife team behind Fravocado to find out what inspired them to create these unusual but tasty products…

What’s the story behind Fravocado?

Fravocado was born in all honestly by accident! After I had my son in 2014 I decided to go dairy free and cut all refined sugar from my diet. Unfortunately, I was missing ice cream and I found all the dairy free ice creams and sorbets available were just not satisfying my cravings. I purchased a small ice cream machine and went about making my own coconut milk based ice creams. It was when avocado was added that we decided to try and market the product and Fravocado became a brand.

Where are you based and how big is your team?

We are based in Dawlish, South Devon and our ‘team’ is just myself and my husband. The ice cream is made in a converted building at home by myself and between us we do all the marketing and shows with a little help from friends and family.

Avocado is an unlikely ingredient in ice cream, what gave you the idea to use it?

Avocado came into the ice cream at a later date, I was looking for something to add to the coconut milk that would give it a creamy rich texture similar to dairy ice cream. I eat avocados every day and so we decided to experiment with it in the ice cream, and it worked! The health benefits of avocado are huge so putting it into something that is supposed to be an unhealthy treat made me feel a lot less guilty about eating it. That really is what Fravocado is about.

What obstacles (if any) have you encountered in starting up a foodie business?

Neither myself or my husband have any background in the food industry, so the entire process has been a learning curve, and it continues to be. Before launch the biggest hurdle we had was the labelling process, the regulations are constantly changing, especially when it comes to free from products. Finding guidance on labeling requirements was a long process and delayed our launch by a few months because it obviously something you want to get right. I thought getting retailers to give Fravocado some freezer space would be the most difficult, but I was wrong and all our retailers are now putting in regular orders and the support we received as a new business was amazing.

What’s your favourite thing about being based in the South West?

Obviously being in such a beautiful part of the country, surrounded with beaches, is a great place to sell ice cream! But I would have to say the support we have been given by the local council, retailers and even consumers has been overwhelming. As a start-up business this is definitely a good place to be.

What’s next for Fravocado? Do you have any plans to develop more flavours?

We have already been working on more flavours and have some quite different ones in the pipeline, we are constantly getting suggestions! Right now we are concentrating on spreading further afield, we are inundated with people asking where they can purchase our ice cream outside of Devon so we’re looking for a distributor to help us get Fravocado to retailers around the country.


Fravocado Ice cream

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