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Continuing our ‘In the Spotlight‘ series, we want to introduce you to another fantastic Instagrammer – Devon-based blogger East Devon Eats.

I still remember when I used to introduce myself at events and be met with ‘ahh yes, you’re the new kid on the block’.
Well, not anymore. It’s fair to say that East Devon Eats has taken up the mantle of the newest, freshest blog on the local foodie scene and boy what a great job they are doing! I caught up with its writer Kate to find out more about her IG feed…

How long have you been using Instagram?

Four years on a personal level, as East Devon Eats – just a few months.

Can you describe your aesthetic/feed in THREE words?

Work In Progress

What camera/phone do you use to take your photos?

My Iphone7

Do you have a top Instagram tip?

Tell your story. If you got a great shot but it took two hours, six loaves of bread and a tube of gorilla glue, I want to know – I’ll love you more for trying! Some of the best posts come with a bit of back story.

What are some of your favourite Instagram accounts right now?

Nigel Slater (@nigelslater) – I’ve been a fan since reading his book Toast in the early 00’s. I love his thoughtful, seasonal eating and his beautifully curated feed.

Exploding Bakery (@explodingbakery) – they are so damned good at what they do. The photography is great, and their feed is varied and interesting. Am also horribly addicted to their orange and polenta cake.

La Petite Bouchee (@lapetiteboucheehy) – I love this account. French cooking is my favourite and they blend it so well with local ingredients – their love of food comes through in the warmth of their posts and the way they describe them. It’s top of the list of places I want to go to at the moment.

The Frugality (@thefrugality) – No stranger to the breton stripe, effortlessly stylish and awesome photos to boot. Responsible for more internet based clothing purchases than I care to mention and I’m not sorry!

Helene Dujardin (@helenedujardin) – I’ve been following her blog for years now, it’s lovely and so well laid out – just like her photogaphy. I love her lighting, attention to detail and taste in crockery!



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