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The Devon Foodie on Devon Live

Have you ever thought about starting your own food blog?

We were recently featured in West Magazine and on the Devon Live website talking about how we got started with The Devon Foodie blog.

Click here to read the feature!

devon foodie

Our Top Instagram Tips

If you’re taking photographs in a restaurant, let natural light be your friend. Go in daytime, ask to sit near the window.

Think angles – get side on to the plate or back right away so you can shoot down a long lens, it is more flattering. This can be slightly embarrassing in a busy restaurant but it is worth it.

Lots of people go for the “overhead” shot of food square on the plate. Make sure it is beautifully arranged if you do this, it can be a bit clichéd these days which is why my style is to take pictures of dishes side-on.

Invest in Photoshop – it’s well worth using it. I just enhance the colours slightly by upping the saturation.

Beware of Instagram filters. If you do use them, make sure you always use the same one, so you have a house style.

It’s always better to use a “proper” camera than a phone – I use a Canon 80D with a 50mm lens.

Teach yourself with YouTube – I learned all my photography from there.

Even if you are using Instagram Stories [a moment-by-moment blogging function] you can still get the photographs ready in advance, with some post-production to improve them.


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