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Devon Foodie Pie for #FeedYourHappy

To celebrate this September being Feed Your Happy month, we’ve put together a little how-to video for one of our FAVOURITE recipes using exclusively organic ingredients from Riverford & our local butchers. This pie is actually a family recipe handed down from our Irish relatives. Over the years we’ve tweaked it to our liking and now we want to share it with you to enjoy!

What You’ll Need


Sausage Meat
(we bought ours from our local butchers)

1 Large White Onion

2 Medium Sized Cooking Apples

Grated Mature Cheese (optional)

You may also want: A splash of milk, some butter and a squeeze of lemon juice. 

How to Make it

 Wash, peel and cut your potatoes before chucking them into a pan and boiling them until they are soft enough to mash.

While your potatoes are boiling, brown your sausage meat and then set to one side.

Peel and chop your onion into small pieces, before softening them on the hob.

Peel your apples and cut them into slices. You may want to squeeze a little lemon over them to prevent them from going brown while you finish your potatoes.

Once your potatoes are soft enough to slip a fork in and out without any resistance, drain them and add a splash of milk & a knob of butter to the pan. Mash.

Now it’s time to assemble your Devon Foodie pie! Start with a layer of browned sausage meat, followed by your lightly softened onions, then your apple slices and finally top it with your mashed potato.

If you like, grate some mature cheddar cheese and sprinkle all over the top.

Cook for 40min at 200c (180c for fan assisted ovens).


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