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Dark Sugars London

The Best Chocolate Shop in London: Dark Sugars

Chocolates rarely get more unique than those from Dark Sugars on East London’s trendy Brick Lane. On a recent visit to this most hipster of streets, I found myself lusting over dusted truffles, chocolate pearls and handcrafted treats..

Where is Dark Sugars? 

Dark Sugars Chocolates, 141 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SB

What is Dark Sugars?
Dark Sugars Cocoa House is a chocolate shop with a different. Bringing the culture of West African cocoa production to Brick Lane, when you first walk into the shop you’ll be hit by the luscious scent of cocoa and a spectacular variety of artisan chocolates.

Who is it for?
Anyone who truly appreciates the art of chocolate making. If you’re a diehard cadburys dairy milk fan you may want to give this one a miss, because this is next level. Only step foot over the threshold if you’re serious about chocolate and want to experience some seriously good cocoa. Dark Sugars Chocolate Brick Lane
The Chocolates 

Dark Sugars really is a chocoholics paradise. There’s a huge selection of truffles, chocolate pearls and even vegan treats on offer. Here are just a few varieties to tempt you:

Red Velvet Chocolate Pearls: delicate chocolate pearls filled with white chocolate ganache and mixed berries

Dark Chocolate Mango Slices: sweet and tangy Alphonso mango dipped in rich dark chocolate

Vegan Chocolate-dipped Medjool Dates: plump Medjool dates covered in 85% dark chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa nibs

Stem Ginger & Honey Truffles: Lightly dusted truffles containing the sweetness of the honey and the sharpness of the ginger – yum.

All of the Dark Sugars chocolates are handmade and vary in size and shape and while you browse you get to smell the heady aroma of roasting cocoa beans and listen to the beats of the Senegalese sabar. 

What’s the damage:  

Expect to pay around £8 for 6 chocolates. The prices aren’t exactly wallet friendly, but then again neither are most things worth doing in London!

Dark Sugars Chocolate Brick Lane

Dark Sugars Chocolate Brick Lane

Overall Thoughts

Dark Sugars is worth a visit next time you find yourself in the area. Not only are the products top notch but the shop itself is an experience to behold. They offer a decadent ‘Pitch Black Hot Chocolate’ – complete with ample chocolate shavings -which can be ordered in store and is definitely worth a try! For more details, check out their website: www.darksugars.co.uk


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