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Chunk Pies for National Pie Week

It’s officially National Pie Week 2018! Yes, you read that correctly – there’s an entire week devoted to one of the nations favourite treats. So, what better way to celebrate the most British of foods than by spending 5 minutes with the fabulous Chunk of Devon..

When was Chunk of Devon established?
We started out in July 2006, just before the banking crisis hit.

How big is the Chunk team?
There are 45 if us in total.

Where do you source the ingredients for your pasties and pies?
We try to source them as locally as possible. Our flour comes from Shipton Mill, our mutton is from the moor & we use local beef and veg too. There are a few exceptions of course. For instance, we have a bit of a problem sourcing chorizo locally…

What would you say your most popular pie filling is?
Our Steak & Ale. It won a Gold 2017 Taste of the West award & 2017 British Pie Silver Award. We make it using Otter Head ale, which is of course an award-winning local variety.

You’ve just released a new fish pie AND vegetarian pie. How long was the process of developing these? 
Pie development times can really vary. Sometimes it takes just 15 minutes but sometimes it can take 3 years to get it right!

Chunks Pies Devon

Have you found that there is an increasing demand for gluten-free and vegetarian options?
Gluten-free seems to have dropped off now but veggie options are rising in popularity. Here at Chunk of Devon really want our veggie options to be stand out products – not just a token veggie offering.

How have you adapted your pies to meet with increasingly demands for healthier foods?
What is unhealthy about a pie? It’s the doughnuts & fizzy drinks that we need to watch out for!

Do you have any plans for more unusual fillings?
We can’t give away any pie top secrets! But previous pies that have been on our menu include an Beef & Oyster pie and a fab veggie pie with Quorn named The Ricardo.

What’s next on the Chunk calaendar?
Soon it will be pasty season. We do have some new ideas on the way, but we can’t reveal anything just yet ….we’ll keep you posted!

Chunks Pies Devon

Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming Chunk Pie review later this week!

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