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Blueberry Bro’s Chutney

Blueberry Bro’s Blueberry Chutney

Before I sat down to write this review I quickly polished a slice of pie with a generous helping of blueberry chutney – which should just about tell you all you need to know about this fruity condiment.

When it comes to chutney you have to be careful to get the balance right. In my opinion a good chutney should be packed with flavour, work with a variety of meats or cheese and should have a chunkier texture rather than a runny consistency (else it might as well be jam). Needless to say, the Blueberry Bro’s Blueberry Chutney scores pretty highly on all three accounts.

The Blueberry Bro’s are a team of two brothers (surprise, surprise) based on the edge of Dartmoor, in the beautiful village of Lustleigh. Together they create delicious, local produce using their award winning blueberries, including jams, truffles, brownies and more recently a range of ciders and beers.

Their whole range of jams have a wonderful fruity flavour that is rich and tangy. The chutney is much the same, only with a more savoury dimension to it. I’m always on the hunt for good chutney to pair with cheeses and charcuterie and I think that this particular variety will be one to add to the pantry on a long term basis. It’s not the most distinctive chutney in the world but it does have a wonderful depth to it that keeps me going back for more – the perfect balanced between sweet and vinegary. While I doubt it would add much flavour to sandwiches, the chutney pairs very well with the likes of pork pies, sausages and cheeses by complimenting their flavours rather than overpowering them. It also has the perfect consistency for spreading, with just enough bite in it to satisfy my third chutney criteria.

 As testimony to it’s great flavour and versatility, this chutney is one of only 25 artisan products stocked by supermarket giant Marks & Spencer and you’ll also find it on the shelves of Devon’s own Darts Farm. So why not give it a try yourself and let us know what you think!

Blueberry Chutney Devon Foodie

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