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Bam Sauces Made in Devon

BAM Bacon & Sauces

I must confess, I received a number of BAM Food samples in the post a couple of months ago and despite eating them more or less straight away, I only recently got round to writing up my thoughts! But what better way to get 2018 off to a BAM than with a review of their hot sauces and bacon?

Bam Sauce Flavours 

BAM Sauces come in three distinct flavours – each inspired by traditional condiments but with a unique twist that makes them unlike any other sauces that you’ll find on the supermarket shelves.

There’s BAM Yellow: A sauce that takes its queue from mellow American-style mustard but packs an extra kick in the form Amarillo chillies.

There’s a BAM Red: Not to be confused with ketchup, this sauce is made using scorched sweet red peppers and juicy tomatoes, with a touch of jalapeno heat.

Thirdly, there’s a BAM Brown: A sauce based on the classic British brown sauce but rebooted for the 21st century thanks to the inclusion of hot jalapenos.

 Bam Sauce Taste Test

We tried each of the sauces blindfolded and rated them as we went along. All three seemed to go down pretty well with our sausage sandwiches, but BAM Yellow seemed to pick the other two to the post thanks to it’s recognisable flavours and subtle fiery kick. We also enjoyed the BAM Red, as it’s surprisingly fruity and works well as a lighter tomato sauce alternative. BAM Brown was nice, but I doubt we’ll be swapping it with our tried and tested HP Brown Sauces anytime soon.

Bam foods

BAM Bacon Taste Test

We also tried four of BAMs unique bacon flavours. There’s everything from plain ‘Naked’ Back Bacon to flavoured streaky bacon varieties. Among our samples were a Streaky Garlic Bacon, a Streaky Herb Bacon, a Naked Smoked Bacon & a Chilli Bacon.

The general consensus was that the two streaky bacons were the best varieties in terms of flavour and texture. I loved eating the streaky herb bacon alongside the BAM Red sauce and I thought that the garlic bacon was perfect for making a flavoursome sarnie. I’m not a huge lover of smoked bacon per se, but I’m all for supporting local artisan producers and so I would definitely order my bacon from BAM again.

The only thing I wasn’t so keen on was the large amount of fat on the bacon. I thought it was a touch too chewy and in places quite hard. However, BAM do suggest that you snip this away if you’re not a fan of fatty bacon.

Bam foods

Overall Thoughts

We really enjoyed the BAM range, despite the fact that we aren’t the biggest meat eaters out there. The sauces were unique and certainly more flavoursome than a lot of supermarket counterparts. I also like the idea of Bespoke Bacon – a service that BAM offers via it’s website which gives you the opportunity to design your own bacon and even choose which wood is used in the smoking process. If you’d like to support a local business and enjoy some tasty meats in the process, then I recommend giving BAM a go, as they’re certainly on to something.


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