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  • The Best Mulled Wine Recipe

    8th December 2017

    Nothing quite captures the flavour of Christmas like a steaming mug of Mulled Wine. This spicy combination of cheap vino and cloves is an absolute must for keeping warm over the festive period and it’s long history makes for a fascinating read. This tried and tested Mulled Wine recipe is…

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  • The History of Festive Drinks

    27th November 2017

    Learn the history of some of your fave yuletide tipples It isn’t truly Christmas until you’ve indulged in your first steaming cup of mulled wine or cider. But have you ever thought about the history behind some of your favourite yuletide drinks? *First published in Crumbs Magazine Devon Christmas 2017*…

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  • Devonshire Egg Nog

    16th November 2017

    If you pick up the latest issue of Crumbs Magazine you’ll find our feature on the history of Festive Drinks over on page 56, alongside a recipe for Devonshire Egg Nog. Devonshire Eggnog is a little bit different from ordinary eggnog because it contains a myriad of Devon-sourced ingredients, including Laydilay Organic Eggs…

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  • Halloween Party Food

    18th October 2017

    Preparing halloween party food needn’t be scary this year, because we’ve got you covered. We’ve scoured the internet tfor creepy creations to add a little fear factor to your Halloween party. So whether you’re throwing a fun adult get together or a spooky kids bash, these quick and easy recipes will…

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  • 10 Recipes for Chocoholics

    8th October 2017

    It’s officially National Chocolate Week (as if we needed an excuse to eat it) so we thought we’d share 10 Recipes for Chocoholics with you. Below you’ll find links to all kinds of delicious chocolate creations from ice lollies to pancakes and  hot chocolate to waffles. If you have a chocolate recipe that you’d…

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  • To celebrate this September being Feed Your Happy month, we’ve put together a little how-to video for one of our FAVOURITE recipes using exclusively organic ingredients from Riverford & our local butchers. This pie is actually a family recipe handed down from our Irish relatives. Over the years we’ve tweaked…

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  • Fabulous New Cookery Books

    4th September 2017

    Please note that this post contains Amazon affiliate links should you wish to purchase any of the titles below 🙂    If you’re anything like us, you probably have about a hundred recipe books stored in your kitchen cupboard that barely ever see the light of day. So, we’re starting…

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  • Ocean Breeze Wine Cocktail

    23rd August 2017

    Inspired by this month’s Le Petit Ballon box, I decided to replicate Naomi Schimek’s Ocean Breeze cocktail. Now, before you say anything, I know that I ended up adding WAY too much pineapple to my version of the cocktail. However, I have to say that it tasted really, really good, and…

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  •  We were recently sent a handful of Terry’s Chocolate Orange’s to try and test a few indulgent recipes. So we thought we’d try making our own decadent chocolate orange ice-cream. Unlike your conventional ice-cream, you’ll find this recipe is incredibly easy to follow and it makes a lovely treat for…

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  • Cloud Eggs are a really fun way to brighten up your breakfast and they’re surprisingly easy to make! When we heard about #wakeuptoorganic happening this month, we couldn’t wait to give them a try with some fresh, organic eggs and a lovely ripe avocado. So without further ado, here’s how you…

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